EHR designed for Methadone Clinics & Addiction Treatment Centers

Why Choose iKeNNa EHR

Some Awesome features of iKeNNa EHR

Methadone Dispensing

Our Ikenna Electronic health record System is advanced automation methadone software designed specifically for opiate addiction treatment facilities and behavioral health treatment facilities. Our integrated solution is effective for single clinic and also multi-clinic applications use. We have an Advanced Dispensing Software that handles most dispensing situations including multiple medications

Ordering and Clinical Treatment

Ikenna electronic health record provides the adjustability to meet your clinic and behavioral health center’s requirements and improve productivity. Our software strengthens counselor functionality which includes progress notes, treatment planning, patient assessments, and Bio-psychosocial evaluations.

Integrated Billing System

Our software assists with improving communication, increasing accountability, greater efficiency and enhancing reporting. It has complete financial tracking of patient and third-party balances. It has a suitable way of reconciling patient and insurance balances, complete online balance journal showing all patient financial activity, and capacity to conveniently undo payments and charges entered erroneously.

HIPAA Complaint

We safely collaborate across the Industry with Ikennaehr’s HIPPA-compliant, software solution. From our maximum security data center to our user-level safeguards, we take every precaution to ensure your data is protected. While we take responsibility for safeguarding your data, you always retain control of your content.

Important informations

What you should consider to select best EHR


If your practice has fully implemented an EHR and you’re not seeing increased efficiency in the day to day operations, it’s time to begin looking for a better fit.


Medical offices can spend over $50,000 over a five year period to fully implement an EHR. You need a system that does what it says it will do. If this seems steep, know that EHR costs continue to rise. If you’re spending that much money, it’s essential the system works for you. If it doesn’t, it’s time to look for a more affordable and better fit for your practice.

  • Is it easy to use?
  • How does this EHR ensure the security and privacy of my files?
  • Does this EHR integrate easily?
  • Does this EHR meet HIPAA requirements
  • Will this EHR support the future growth of my practice or hold me back?
  • Will new staff be able to learn to use this EHR quickly?
  • Is it modern and built in a way that can easily improve in the future?

Plans & Pricing

Choose the pricing Right for you

Psychiatric Office

$149 / provider

per month
  • Complete EHR
  • Scheduling System
  • Patient Portal
  • Text Reminder for patients

Methadone Clinic

$999 / Location

per month
  • No limit on users
  • No limit on computes
  • Connect with Metdadone dispensing system
  • EMR system

Physician Office

$149 / Proivder

per month
  • Complete EHR
  • Scheduling System
  • Patient Portal
  • Text Reminder for patients

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